Beginnings of The Neighboring Co.

Friends birthday trip Scottsdale Arizona

Hi Neighbors! I’m Elizabeth Turpin. Tara Stone and I are the founders of The Neighboring Co. We’re friends who have been working in non-profit for the past decade – sometimes in different non-profits and currently at the same! One thing you need to know about our friendship is that Tara is the dreamer. She has all the good ideas.

There are four words from Tara that have often led us into adventures, given us loads of work, and usually scare me to death – those words are “I have an idea.” The non-profit we work for started with Tara saying, “I have an idea”!

Friends running St. Jude Half Marathon

For years, we’ve talked about what it looks like to build a better community and how we can be a part of change in our city as individuals and through the organizations we’ve worked for. About a year ago, Tara said, “I have an idea,” and we started dreaming about a business that would be good for our city and would bring people together. What better way to foster community than to start a company that helps people show up for their neighbors in a fun way? Why not start a company that gives back to our community? Why not take the idea of neighboring we’d been working toward for years in our non-profit work and bring it into a business? The Neighboring Co. slowly started taking shape. We talked and talked until we finally decided to act.

The Neighboring Co. is our attempt to make our world a little more connected. We chose the name Neighboring Co. because we believe wholeheartedly that neighbors can change a community and neighboring can change the world. Relationships matter, and proximity changes everything.