Custom Box Orders


Tara and I always say everything we do with Neighboring Co. is an experiment (admittedly a rather fun and non-scientific experiment - but an experiment nonetheless)! We want to learn what makes your life easier and how we can best help you show up for your people. One thing we’ve learned from you is that you’d like to customize your boxes! We’ve done a few runs of custom boxes for businesses and friends in town (and of course our moms), and we’re ready to launch custom boxes on a bigger scale! This spring we’re launching custom boxes for brides’ maids, parties, customer and employee appreciation, and or anything you can think of! 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Let us know what you’re celebrating, your price point, and how many boxes you need (custom orders require at least 10 boxes)! Send us an email at to get started.
  2. We’ll get three different box options to you within 5 days.
  3. Let us know which box option you want, and we’ll have your custom boxes ready to go within four weeks (some orders may be available earlier, but we need a little lead time to get your lovely items from our favorite small businesses)

We’re so excited to help you celebrate and appreciate the people in your life!