No WRONG Way to Neighbor

My husband and I cook a HelloFresh meal together twice a week, but other than that - no one would call me a chef. Alternately, Tara is one of the best home cooks I know, and her husband is a fantastic baker. One of my favorite people is great at making others feel special by asking the best questions; another friend is really good at remembering things her people love. Tara’s mom is the most welcoming person I know. Her door (and pool) is always open! So, what if we all just start showing up the best way we know how and in the way we’re best suited. Tara shows up for people with amazing home-cooked meals (and sometimes with fresh sourdough), and I am the best gal at getting take-out for friends! You might be great at remembering important days in your friends lives or noticing someone is having a rough day. What if we start a movement of Neighboring? Showing up however we can, whenever we can. 

There’s no WRONG way to Neighbor. Leave a note, bring a cup of coffee, or just send a text. Let’s just start showing up!