Do People Really Need More Stuff?

One of the things I struggle with when giving gifts is the idea that the people I love don’t really need more stuff. If you’re anything like me (and I think you are because you’re subscribed to this email), you’ve settled for a gift card way too often because it feels safe and easy, and it’s not one more thing taking up space in someone’s home. Or you’ve scrolled for hours in the wasteland that is online retail trying to find something that the person who has everything doesn’t already have (and here’s the kicker - that they’ll actually want).

People don’t just need more things, but they do need to feel loved and appreciated. At The Neighboring Co. we believe a gift isn’t just a thing - it’s a tangible way to communicate how you feel about a person. We curate our boxes with intentional items - items that are consumable or useful and items that are thoughtful and whimsical. Not just another thing for someone to have, but a reminder that you love them, are celebrating with them, or are cheering them on. Products that will make them feel good about themselves and make you feel good about sending them!

Let us help you show up for the people in your life. Remember you’re not just sending stuff, you’re sending encouragement, sympathy, and love!